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Where do you find your books?

I won't even say it. I won't apologize for how long it's been since I've written. What I will say is I've moved across the country, twice, in two years. I've retired a guide dog and gotten another. I've gained and lost a job. Life has been turned topsy turvy in that length of time, and tons of changes have been going on. What has not changed, though, is the number of books I've read, and acquired. I just keep acquiring and acquiring. As I was acquiring last night and listening to book podcasts this morning, , it occurs to me that I needed to write a post on how I am acquiring these books, and where I'm hearing about them. I love books, as evidenced by my book_cuddler name, so here we go.
the first thing I have to let you know about is my discovery of book podcasts. I love podcasts and I love books, so you would think that it would click in my head that I would love book podcasts, right? Well it didn't until a few months ago. Then I discovered Books on the nightstand
and history, or rather more history, was born. I have even called in and been on the show a few times, just when they were doing caller shows, but still cool to hear myself on a podcast I listen to a lot.
then I discovered Bookrageous, Baby
that is just fun. It's a little longer than Books on the Nightstand, but it doesn't come out as often, either.
All of these folks are on twitter too so that has been fun to get to know them a bit using that social platform.
Just a note on twitter: Many many authors I either read or want to read are on twitter and you can follow them for more information. Authors I really enjoy reading are Lilith Saintcrow and Sherman Alexie.
Twitter is a huge source of book news for me. Not as huge as the book podcasts, but huge nevertheless.
Another great account I follow on twitter is Book Hoarders Anonymous
which is a fun book club.
And let me not forget Book Riot
which is fun for lists, passionate book talk, and everything books. The writers are fun and engaging, and who can resist?
another thing Twitter has which is fun to follow are hashtags. Basically they group like tweets into a stream that you can see on your twitter timeline. the #Fridayreads is a fun hashtag to see what people are reading in 140 characters or less. If you go to the Friday Reads hashtag on twitter, you can get more details there. And you are entered into free book drawings every week if you participate.
Yet another place I learn about new books is GoodReads
which is an amazing wealth of books. I can maintain my TBR pile there, (We don't have to mention I am many many thousands of books behind on cataloguing this, do I?), I can keep track of what I've read, and what I'm currently reading, since I have many on the go. I can see what my friends are reading, talk to them about books, recommend books to them, etc. I can also join groups like the Books on the night stand group where I can discuss everything books
which is just fantastic and fun.
Let us not forget NPR. I admit it here and now folks, I'm a huge NPR nut. Love it, can't get enough of it. NPR's books section
is a wonderful way to keep up with all things books and NPR. Their twitter feed and podcast are fantastic as well. Ditto to The Guardian books
which has a great podcast, too.
On to email groups, right?
there are many email groups out there. I am on a few that are fantastic. One is OnThePorchSwing, which is on Yahoo groups
they have monthly reading discussions if you want to, and just tons of chatter about the books we are reading, what we want to read, what we're looking forward to, etc. It's especially fun because there are international members so we get an international perspective. As an example, I have become enamored with Scandinavian literature, and there is a lady from the Netherlands who has given me some fantastic advice. It's all well and good to use Google but much more fun to talk to people from those countries to get their recommendations.
There are many more book groups to which I belong, and I might have to write a future post on how each helps me in a different way. If you look around, however, you can find groups on everything: Science Fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, etc. They are everywhere.
A note on email groups: they can be high traffic. I would recommend either using a filtering program to filter them to an individual folder, or alternatively, reading the daily digest messages as to not overwhelm your email box.
I also get emails from individual authors, and websites such as Penguin.
I am sure there are many book related resources I've missed. Can you think of a place you get spectacular book news? If so, where do you go? What do you get from that source? I can't wait to discuss this with you in the comments!
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