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January: the Coldest Winter Ever

 The Coldest Winter Ever The
Coldest Winter Ever
by Sister Souljah

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
In a stunning first novel, renowned hip-hop artist, writer, and activist Sister Souljah brings the streets of New York to life with a powerful and utterly
unforgettable tale. Ghetto-born, Winter is the young, wealthy daughter of a prominent Brooklyn drug-dealing family. Quick-witted, sexy, businessminded,
and fashionable, Winter knows no restrictions. No one can control her. She's nobody's victim. And her Pops lets her know she deserves the best. Winter
knows the Brooklyn streets like she knows the curves of her own body. She maneuvers skillfully, applying all she has learned to come out on top, no matter
how dramatically the scenes change. But a cold Winter wind is about to blow her life in a direction she could never have expected. Unwilling to give up
her ghetto celebrity status, her friends and her lovers, Winter sets off on a series of wild adventures to reclaim her role as princess of the alleyways.
But when her schemes begin to unravel, Winter is on her own, figuring out a whole new way to survive. The Coldest Winter Ever marks the debut of a gifted
storyteller. Sister Souljah explores a young urban woman's innermost state of mind in a voice as bold as it is bracingly honest. Provocative and thoroughly
entertaining, this is a daring novel of passion, loss, courage - and of the sometimes terrible tolls exacted from us just to stay alive. You will never
forget this Winter's tale.
It isn't often that you can say you didn't like the main character, or most of the characters in a book, but still adore the book. This book is one of
the rare ones I can say that about. I found Winter rage-inducing. Most of her friends and cronies are the same way. the only one I liked in the whole
book was Sister Soulja herself, and a few others. This book is complicated, and if I try to do a review I'm just going to slaughter it. You follow Winter
through her various schemes to get something back she never can. Everyone knows it but her. And you see the depths to which she will go and how far she
will fall. this book is about how far people will go for wealth, how misdirected the country is becoming, and the inherent unfairness it it all.

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