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January: Tyrant of the Mind

 Tyrant Of The Mind (MedievalMystery, #2) Tyrant
Of The Mind
by Priscilla Royal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A nun and a monk defy death and dishonor at her family's Welsh fortress...

In the winter of 1271, Death stalks the corridors of Wynethorpe Castle on the Welsh border. When the Grim Reaper touches the beloved grandson of the castle
lord, Baron Adam sends for his daughter, Prioress Eleanor of Tyndal, and her sub-infirmarian, Sister Anne, to save the child with prayers and healing talents.
Escorting them to the remote fortress is Brother Thomas, an unwilling monk fighting his private demons.

Death may be denied once in his quest for souls but never twice. Soon after the trio arrives, an important guest is murdered. The prioress's brother, bloody
dagger in hand, stands over the corpse. All others may believe in his guilt, but Eleanor is convinced her brother is innocent.

Outside her priory, in a world of armed men, Eleanor may have little authority, but she is determined to untangle the Gordian knot of thwarted passions
and old resentments even if it means defying her father, a man with whom she longs to make peace. As passions rise with the winter wind and time runs short,
Eleanor, Anne and Thomas struggle to find the real killer.
This is the second in the series and I really love how the characters are human with their flaws and all. They aren't perfect and are fighting their own
demons and I think I like that best of all. the historical details are also well-done. The first is Wine of Violence and is as good as this one.

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