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January: Girl in a Cage

 Girl in a Cage Girl in a Cage by Jane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
As English armies invade Scotland in 1306, eleven-year-old Princess Marjorie, daughter of the newly crowned Scottish king, Robert the Bruce, is captured
by England's King Edward Longshanks and held in a cage on public display.
this book was so much more than the summary would have you believe. The authors did a superb job highlighting the personalities of the characters. You
really get to know Marjorie, Longshanks, and Robert the Bruce, as well as the numerous secondary characters. I think the shifts in time could have possibly
been done away with, but it seemed to work for the most part. I am on a quest to find other books, either fiction or nonfiction about Marjorie. She seems
like she would be a fascinating person to write about.

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